Quote of the Day: Frank Gehry on Green Building


Chicago Tribune
Blair Kamin quotes Frank Gehry speaking at the annual Cindy Pritzker Lecture on Urban Life, on the issue of energy saving green architecture and global warming:

"I think the issue is finally a political one," Gehy said.

Referring to the LEED (for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system for buildings, which awards points for energy-saving features but has been criticized because some of these features (like bike racks) are superficial add-ons, Gehry said: "A lot of LEED is given for bogus stuff." The costs of making a green building are "enormous," he said, and "they don't pay back in your lifetime."



First of all, this is from a guy who builds incredibly expensive buildings and has probably never used the word "payback" in his life.

Secondly, the bike rack canard is to LEED what ClimateGate is to global warming; completely overblown old news.

Thirdly, it isn't even true; green building is not that much more expensive and it is getting cheaper all the time. It is certainly cheaper than any Frank Gehry building.

Kamin concludes: "He's a true American original, an individualist who urged young architects to march to the beat of their own drummer." I just wish he would stick to what he does best. More in Chicago Tribune: Frank Gehry holds forth on Millennium Park, the Modern Wing and why he's not into green architecture

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