Quote of the Day: Elizabeth Kolbert on Buckminster Fuller

buckminster fuller photo

In anticipation of a new retrospective at the Whitney, "Buckminster Fuller: Starting with the Universe, " Elizabeth Kolbert writes in the New Yorker, quoting Fuller about the need for innovation:

"If you are in a shipwreck and all the boats are gone, a piano top . . . that comes along makes a fortuitous life preserver, but this is not to say that the best way to design a life preserver is in the form of a piano top. I think that we are clinging to a great many piano tops in accepting yesterday's fortuitous contrivings."

buckminster fuller with standard of living house photo

Fuller with models of the Standard of Living Package and Skybreak Dome. "[Fuller] believed that his task was to innovate in such a way as to benefit the greatest number of people using the least amount of resources," Kolbert writes.
New Yorker; See also slide show here.

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