Quote of the Day: David Brussat on Green Building


David Brussat of the Providence Journal reviews Jim Kunstler's World Made By Hand more coherently than I did, and concludes with a lovely description of how buildings should be designed for a world without oil.

" We must start to think about an architecture that makes environmental sense, or someday we will indeed be forced to make our houses by hand. Architects must embrace new buildings with windows that open and close, rooms arrayed around courtyards, designed to take advantage of natural air and natural light. They should use natural materials that take less energy to make and transport to building sites. Houses with porches are "entertainment systems" that build community.

The green building movement needs to rethink its focus on fitting ever more energy-saving devices into increasingly goofy buildings. Architecture that instead taps into public tastes for tradition, familiarity and comfort will give us places that create their own natural preservation societies, because they are loved. Reusing old buildings is the true green architecture. Buildings designed for decades must give way to buildings designed for centuries." ::Providence JournalWhile we are on about Kunstler, he is hot this week:

"Food and gasoline prices are rising faster than the rivers of Iowa. But the prices of assets, like houses, stocks, jet-skis, GMC Yukons and pre-owned Hummel figurines are cratering as America turns into Yard Sale Nation." ::Clusterf**k Nation

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