Quote of the Day: Christopher Hawthorne on the New Apple Headquarters


And I thought I got crapped on by the Apple fanboys in my review of the new Foster-designed Apple headquarters. Christopher Hawthorne of the LA Times is now called an idiot, "hanging on to a Stalin era dream of a collectivist society toiling in a dense urban utopia." Hawthorne writes:

In many ways it is a doggedly old-fashioned proposal, recalling the 1943 Pentagon building as well as much of the suburban corporate architecture of the 1960s and '70s. And though Apple has touted the new campus as green, its sprawling form and dependence on the car make a different argument.

Hawthorne quotes author Louise A. Mozingo, whose new book is about "Pastoral Capitalism:

If all you see in your workday are your co-workers and all you see out your window is the green perimeter of your carefully tended property," she writes, and you drive to and from work in the cocoon of your private car, "the notion of a shared responsibility in the collective metropolitan realm is predictably distant.

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