Quote of the Day: British Energy Expert Blasts Gizmo Green Design

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Green Gizmos on London's "Green" Strata Tower
Stephen Del Percio discusses a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald, where British energy and building expert Roderic Bunn of Building Services Research and Information Association criticizes the Gizmo Green approach to green building:

We have been seduced by the often false promises of new technologies. A building can be mounted with wind turbines and photovoltaics, but they don't contribute nearly as much as designers think they do because they haven't driven down the energy requirement to begin with. We tend to glue these things on to the outside of buildings before we actually have reduced the loads of the building as far as we can go. The mantra should be 'half the loads, double the efficiencies. Halve the carbon in the fuel supply before we go anywhere near on-site renewables. They are often expensive, small, very complex, and maintenance hungry, and the maintainability of these things is rarely taken into account.
chicago parking garage turbine

Is A Green Parking Garage Like A Kosher Ham?
We are piling in often unmanageable complexity into these buildings, so the consequence is unmanageable complexity. It's the enemy of good performance. In new buildings, we are trying to drive down energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, and concentrate on the wrong things. We are often trying to do it with innovative technology that requires far more attention in design and construction, and needs aftercare support that it does not get.

And my favourite:

Just because energy is renewable doesn't mean you're allowed to waste it.

More in the Sydney Morning Herald via Green Real Estate Law Journal

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