Quick Draw McGraw at the Dwell Wacom Ecodesign Challenge

winning entry dwell competition photo

We have covered many design competitions, but have never seen one like the Dwell Wacom Live Ecodesign Challenge that was held on June 6th. Contestants were challenged to design "a modular home with eco-friendly green energies, plenty of natural light, and color, with a good flow internally, and which could be built for under $300K and could be no larger than 3,000 sq ft."

No problem there, except the contestants had to do it live. At a party. With everybody watching. They called it "video-game-tournament-meets Iron-Chef"

The contestants were pre-screened, culled form the best schools in the Los Angeles area, and these guys draw like the wind. Geoff Manaugh of Dwell said "Creating an original design, live, in front of spectators, with a variety of tough design constraints, will certainly earn the winning designer the title."

winning rendering interior photo

Olek Novak-Zempliński won with the scheme shown above, which included:

Sustainable Features:

Passive Lo-Tech Energy Saving Solutions:

* a wind catcher for ventilation and cooling
* greenery on walls for better insulation


* living spaces on 2nd floor (more light)
* bedrooms on the 1st floor
* home office (2nd floor)
* greenhouse integrated into the roof and attic
* a goat

runner up photo

Jaws must have crashed to the ground as Mark Groerner's rendering started appearing on the screen- to see this kind of work appear before your eyes in 45 minutes must have been an extraordinary experience. Judge Paul Petrunia said "Mark Goerner, the runner-up, displayed awesome rendering skills but did not meet the program requirements as well as the winning entry by Olek Novak-Zemplinski. Olek's entry was presented beautifully, in addition to displaying a variety of eco-friendly elements and realistic budget requirements."

One can see how they came to that conclusion; Groerner's scheme broke the budget for sure.

runner up interior photo

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