Queen Elizabeth Makes Balmoral Home All Green

balmoral castle energy self sufficient photo

Balmoral is the Queen's Scottish summer retreat and her favourite place to go for R and R. Now HRH has taken steps to make her cottage completely self-sufficient, energy wise. She has installed a small hydro-electric plant developed on a rushing stream in the estate forest. It generates enough to supply electricity to the 1,000 residents in the area with the excess sold to the national grid. The Queen has registered all the woodlands with the Forestry Stewardship Council which supports sustainable forestry worldwide. All farming practices are registered with the Soil Association, which promotes organic food and farming.

Taking a page from her son's book, all the organic waste on the estate is recycled, with 50 tons of it being turned into compost each year. Her security staff are patrolling the place on black mountain bikes and have been ordered to ditch the Range Rovers whenever possible. Machinery on the estate is powered by bio-diesel and biodegradable lubricants and oils. The main castle's boilers have been converted to run on wood chips to save oil. Apparently the Queen goes around switching off the lights in the house. The royal cars were all converted to green fuel years ago, and the Prince travels in a green fuel taxi around town. :: The Telegraph
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