Q. & A. Finding Used Materials in New York

Q. I've searched a bunch for this, but haven't been able to find any source of used lumber in new york (I'm looking for structural wood for shelves). Buying "new" feels sort of horrific. Any pointers? Jeff
A. Hi Jeff. If you are not in a hurry for your lumber, then there is one quick answer! New York's Wa$te Match. It's a web based dating agency basically. But instead of folk decreeing: I'm tall dark and handsome, like ice skating and soy lattes - they say: I have " a 3 story 40' x 60' barn and 2 story 20' x 40' barn. 80+ years old, all hard wood, handhewn beams. Free." Conversely if you are looking for specific materials you log in a 'wanted' description. The Wa$te Match Materials Exchange lists "unwanted items available at industrial and commercial firms, nonprofits, schools, even households." This includes building materials, computers, food, transport goods, furniture, textiles, office and art suppliers. "Out of your dumpster - onto your bottomline." is their motto. 15,000 ton of material worth $2.3M USD saved from landfill is their proof. Other cities and states have similar programs. ::Wa$te Match [by WM]