Put the $ in Sustainability with Design Competition (and maybe save the Earth)

2009 metropolismag winner wind turbines and transmission
Credit: The 2009 winner, a plan to use existing infrastructure to create clean energy. Courtesy metropolismag.com.

Open your mind to the three-legged stool of sustainability. Stool is better than pillar, because a house with two pillars can still stand. But take away the environment, economy or society from the three-legged stool, and you end up on your butt. Do you have a design idea for boosting sustainability, something better than the age-old stool? Would you like to collect $10,000? Are you getting tired of reading about stool?

A "One Design Fix for the Future" contest from metropolismag.com and Herman Miller is taking entries until Jan. 29. They're looking for a simple but brilliant design to make sustainability shine in 2010 and beyond. Or to put it another way: "We're looking for ONE design fix you can make now in your designed environment—the products you use, your home, your workplace, your city, or any commercial application—that, in scale or as inspiration, can improve our future."

The $10,000 prize is for seed money to bring your design to life.

The design doesn't even have to be finished, so you don't need to be an engineer or architect. All you need, they say, is "an original idea and the burning desire to see it through."

Via: GreenTech Pastures.
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