Put a Bird In It! Plastic Water Bottles Recycled into Bird Houses

Bottled water has always been an issue on TreeHugger, whether because it is the privatizing of a key public function, or because of the waste created by all those plastic bottles. In Portugal, a purportedly environmentally sensitive water company worked with Lisbon designers Colectvo da Rainha to develop alternative uses for water bottles, and came up with these clever bird houses.

According to Design Milk,

The water company takes environmental issues seriously with their campaign to plant a tree for each bottle that’s sold and the designers, Filipa Ricardo and Renato Silva, took that to heart with their own belief that we all have “a home for nature in our home.” Each birdhouse is made from a single water bottle and the handle remains as a perch for the birds.

The birdhouses are made by previously unemployed artisans, although given the number of bottles used every day, they are not going to make much of a dent in the supply. Still, it is clever repurposing. More at the Designers' website.

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