Push-Button House by Adam Kalkin

Shipping container prefab houses certainly aren't anything new (we featured them some time ago, here) but the latest incarnation from architect/artist Adam Kalkin is pretty darn slick, so we had to mention it. The Push Button House is exactly that: it starts as a shipping container until a button is pushed, and it turns into a house. Motorized walls unfold like a flower, revealing a fully functional house, complete with refined, understated furnishings. Kalkin is unveiling the house (in more ways than one) at Art Basel Miami Beach, a renowned art show that started yesterday and runs through the weekend. Fitting that the house's debut is at an art show; Kalkin fancies himself a fusion of artist and architect: "I'm not into the container per se. It's what I can do with it emotionally; transforming a commodity into poetry." No word yet on pricing or production schedules; his Quik House will go into production next month and will be priced between US $150,000 and $175,000. ::Adam Kalkin via ::Future Feeder and ::New York Times