Pure Yoga Opens—Eco-Conscious Yoga in New York

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photo: Pure Yoga

As a huge yogi, my feeling is that yoga is supposed to bring you closer to Mother Earth. But as yoga has exploded in the West, you can't escape the over commercialization of even this sacred practice. But maybe that is soon to change. Sustainable yoga studios are popping up across the country like Pure Yoga which recently opened in New York. Let's see how pure it really is.Becoming one with nature is pretty hard if you're damaging it, that's why the opening of Pure Yoga in New York is showing other yoga studios the importance of sustainability.

Pure Yoga's Green Features
• Yoga studio patrons will find cork flooring in studios. Cork is a renewable material that's much easier on the planet than most wood. Some of the floors are made with palm, a sustainably harvested wood made from harvested coconut shells and palm trees.

• Wood floors in the retail area and at the downstairs reception desk are made from reclaimed materials.

• Panels in the shower doors are made from Eco Resin Panels. Eco Resin is 40 percent post-industrial recycled PETG and is Greenguard certified .

• Fabrics on the sofas are 100 percent organic cotton, fabrics in the Yoga Lounge are from QCollection, an environmentally conscious textile and furniture company based in New York.

Pure Yoga's Living Art Wall Installation
The Vertical Green Wall installation is comprised of plants that are indigenous to the east coast of the United States. The plants are durable and thriving and will change with the seasons in their coloration, texture, and form. The installation is made up of natural grasses, mosses, and succulents. Like a green roof, the plants will offset carbon monoxide that is generated from street traffic and capture water runoff from rain to reduce the city's "heat island" effect.

Steps in the Future
While Pure Yoga and other yoga studios are certainly getting greener, I can think of so many steps studios can take. Yogis are supposed to love all things and Mother Nature should be at the top of the list. My yoga studio gives a free class to students that use green transportation to get to the studio. I would also advocate selling only eco-friendly yoga gear. But my biggest pet peeve amongst yoga studios (this is not the case at Pure Yoga which has a filtered water system in place) is providing plastic water bottles to students. Hydrate the green way. PLEASE skip the bottled water and serve reverse osmosis filtered water. The United States sends two million tons of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottled water packaging to the landfill each year. This huge waste can easily be avoided by drinking filtered tap water like reverse osmosis filtered water. Reverse osmosis removes all toxins, contaminates, impurities, and chemicals from your water. It is often much cleaner than bottled water.

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