Protest Structures to Save Styx Forest by Andrew Maynard

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Poor Julia Butterfly Hill had to rough it in the bush when she occupied Luna, a giant redwood, for 738 days; TreeHugger favourite Andrew Maynard proposes a much more civilized way of living in tress, to save what is left of the Styx Valley Forest in Tasmania.

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"Rather than inserting the structure into the canopy of a single tree,the structure is designed to attach itself to three trees thereby directly securing three trees per structure from logging. Furthermore, the surrounding trees will pose a threat to the structure if felled. Therefore a small number of structures can secure the well being of a large area of pristine wilderness."

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"The Styx Valley Forest is a pristine wilderness in south western Tasmania. It is home to the tallest hardwood trees in the world averaging over 80 metres. It is a unique ecosystem unlike any other. Many of the trees are over 400 years old. In 1996 only around 13% of these trees remain. A large area of south western Tasmania's pristine wilderness is world heritage and is therefore protected. Unfortunately the Styx Valley falls just outside the South West National Park and it is now under attack from logging companies.

The logging companies clear fell such areas in Tasmania and burn any remnant vegetation once they have removed any timber considered of value. The high quality timbers that are then removed are reduced to nothing more than wood chips that are then exported mainly to Japan.

From this rape and pillage of Tasmania's previously untouched, pristine landscape, Tasmania receives only AUD$10 per ton of woodchips." ::Andrew Maynard via :Cube Me
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