Project H Design: Initiatives for Humanity, Habitats, Health and Happines


Ted Nordhaus said "to a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail". I responded "I am an architect and to me, the world looks like a big design problem". That's why I love the idea of Project H Design, "a charitable organization supporting product design initiatives for humanity, habitats, health, and happiness."- We all have our particular talents and capabilities, and we can all contribute, whether you are a hammer or an architect or a doctor or a plumber, you can effect change.

Project H plans to encourage the design industry to "Fund and deliver existing life-improving and life-saving products to specific global communities" and "Host competitions that encourage designers and communities to address and understand global and social issues, and use design as a tool to propose solutions."


It was founded by Emily Pilloton, who in her spare time is managing editor of Inhabitat and is giving us a run for the money covering the green design scene. The opening page is a review of every great idea that designers have had to desalinate or move water, carry things cheaply, provide prosthetics or just make life better for people because they are using things that are well designed.

Some of her "case studies" include putting into the field the things TreeHugger writes about:


Our "Fund This Product" program takes applications for aid from across the globe, works with communities to assess their needs, raises funds to purchase the needed products, and delivers them to the group who needs them. 500 XO Laptops (One Laptop Per Child), 300 Lifestraws, 10 MoneyMaker irrigation pumps

So Project H Design is joining ::Architecture for Humanity on my list of great causes to promote. ::Project H Design