Project Frog: Too Cool for School


"In the US, over five million students are currently learning in temporary classrooms - that is one out of every five college students. By 2012, that number is expected to rise to one quarter of the total student population. There are more than 220,000 temporary classrooms currently in use throughout the United States. And most recently, in the Gulf Coast region, the need for viable academic spaces has been exacerbated by the destruction wrought by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita."
So instead of the usual mold motels, MKthink and B&H; Engineering got together and designed the elegant and healthy Project Frog prefabricated classrooms- "a transformational landscape of sustainable, friendly, and affordable learning environments that inspire creativity, collaboration and productivity."


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They are not only nice to look at but green: "FROG™ units provide a healthier and more stimulating workspace and incorporate many "green" design elements such as recyclable materials, energy efficient systems, significant natural lighting, non-volatile organic compound (non-VOC) interiors, and climate controls in each room. In addition, the smart modular design keeps costs low while allowing for client customization. Units are quick-to-deploy and can be easily assembled with a small crew and simple installation equipment."


And a better learning environment than the usual class in a box: "The physical structure of a building is critical for healthy and productive learning. Based on our research, Project FROG™ believes that a stylish building, flooded with natural light, high ceilings, clear sight lines, and easy access to the latest high-tech teaching tools, fosters creativity, encourages better student-teacher collaboration and ultimately inspires academic achievement.

Without compromising the benefits of purpose-designed structures, Project FROG™ created a solution that combines the benefits of temporary trailers- cost effective, quick to deploy and re-locatable- with those of permanent structures to create a high performance, sustainable and quick-to-deploy product that is attractive and friendly. " More at ::Project Frog Thanks, Tipster Carol!