Professor "Sees Red over Green Building"

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University of Toronto

Professor Dan Harvey of the University of Toronto is interviewed in the Globe and Mail about green buildings, and how we are blowing it:

"We suffer from brain-dead building design. We're building all-glass condominiums, all-glass office buildings. The office buildings are hermetically sealed - they have entire glazing sections facing west with no external shading devices. These buildings are uninhabitable without massive air-conditioning systems. ... It's really pointless to do anything else until you address this issue."


How to build green building, Globe and Mail

Professor Harvey continues:

There's no way you can make an all-glass building green. There's no such thing as a green SUV. You shouldn't be building SUVs in the first place; you shouldn't be building all-glass buildings in the first place. And no amount of high-tech or fancy stuff can turn an inherently bad design into a green building.

He agrees with this writer that we need absolute rather than relative standards:

You have to say, 'Okay, this is the maximum allowable energy per square metre, per year, for air conditioning, energy, ventilation and heating. It's got to be a consumption-related standard.

Worth reading, with strong opinions about shading, building codes and passivhaus standards in the Globe and Mail.

On Relative efficiency vs absolute consumption:
Big Steps in Building: Change our Building Codes from Relative to Absolute

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