Product Review: Haworth Zody Performance Task Chair


When we test-drove Haworth's Zody for the first time, one thought loomed in our minds: You can pry this lumbar support from our cold, dead hands. The first task chair certified as a Cradle to Cradle Gold product, the Zody contains up to 50 percent recycled content. It's also up to 98 percent recyclable. More important—for us 15-hour-a-day desk jockeys anyway—it's the only chair to have PAL, a patent-pending asymmetrical lumbar support system you can adjust, as well as a passive pelvic support.

Another first: the Zody is the foremost task chair endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association, probably due in no small part to its back-support system, which was developed with the help of the Human Performance Institute at Western Michigan University. We loved the level of customization the Zody allowed us, such as adjusting how much resistance we got when we leaned back in the chair. You can also raise and lower the arm rests, as well as shift them further from or closer to you. That lumbar support we gushed about? You can increase or reduce its tension with ease by reaching behind you and rotating the two levers in the back until your lower back breathes a sigh of relief.

The energy used to create each Zody is also offset with Green-e-certified wind-energy certificates. Seriously, Aeron who? ::Haworth

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