Prince Charles Shows Eco-House at the Home Show

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Photo: B. Alter

The Ideal Home Show in London is a big, whopping mother of a home show which has been going on for 103 years! Who knows what they must have showed there in the '20's. We do know that King George V had a display house there in 1935.

So maybe it is fitting that this year his great grandson, Prince Charles, has one too. His is very eco; it is called the Natural House and is made of natural materials and furnished with mostly vintage. Step inside the door...

living room photo

Photo: B. Alter

The house is constructed from natural materials such clay blocks, lime plaster and sheep's wool insulation. The emphasis is on natural, low-impact materials that perform well together and can be produced in the UK. The solid walls of the house are made from clay blocks that have high levels of woodfibre board insulation, so that central heating isn't required (brrrr), just a wood burning stove. The roof tiles are clay and floors and windows made from FSC certified timber.

The hope is to maintain this as a show home, whilst building another one at a building research centre. Ultimately they want to be able to duplicate it in large numbers across the country, modifying it to fit the community and needs.

The decor of the house is divine. Decorated by Christina Moore, an interior decorator and set designer (no surprise here), it makes use of the best of British pottery, fabrics, ceramics and antiques from the 1940's and 50's. The pillows in the living room all use vintage materials, the sofa is recovered with vintage fabric. The charming pictures feature a tableau of old spools of thread, the tree trunk motif rug is hand-woven. All of the paint is sustainable from Little Greene.

daughters room photo

Photo: B. Alter

The little girl's room is enough to make you weep with envy. The walls, furniture and blinds are all hand-stencilled with wonderful patterns. The blankets are from Wales and the doll house is a dream.

bath room photo

Photo: B. Alter

The bathroom has vintage embroidered curtains and hand towels. Sigh.

bed room photo

Photo: B. Alter

The bedspread is made of an old lace tablecloth. The wall hangings are old maps shaped into paper dresses. The curtains are vintage fabric. The cushions are knitted to resemble sun flowers.

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