Pricey, But Nook's Baby Mattress Boasts Natural Latex and Organic Wool

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Choosing the right crib for your baby can be a bit daunting. And then there's the sheets and bumper pads and mobile. But when it comes to the mattress, just think Nook.

Nook's Pebble Mattress was designed for optimal air flow, breathability and with natural materials in mind -- so you won't have to worry about toxic off-gassing or nasty microbes like you would with a typical mattress.Nook mattresses have a pebble-like surface, allowing air to flow between the "pebbles" and through the mattress more effectively, which allows for a better and longer sleep.

Mattress Core
The core of the Pebble Mattress is made from organic wool, natural latex, and polyethylene terephthalate (PET plastic fibers, like those in bottles). In a perfect world, PET wouldn't be used, but this mattress is still a giant leap forward compared to other infant mattresses.

The natural latex in the core helps prevent dust mites and other critters from burrowing into the mattress, which makes for a healthier sleep for baby.

Washable Cover
The mattress cover is removable and machine washable. The cover is made from soft eucalyptus fibers and organic cotton, and the eucalyptus has been infused with natural zinc, which protects against bacteria, fungi, mites and odors. And that microbe resistance won't fade, even with regular washing.

A Non-Toxic Mattress
The infant Pebble mattresses are non-toxic. Organic wool is used in lieu of chemical flame retardants.

Similarly, a non-toxic nano coating on the surface makes the mattress water and stain resistant without the need for non-breathable plastic coatings and crib mattress pads.

Moisture-wicking fibers also work to prevent mold and fungal growth by keeping moisture out of the core, where mold and fungus flourish in other mattresses.

Worth the Price?
The infant Pebble mattress doesn't come cheap; it runs $550 -- which is steep compared to brand name mattresses that are priced around $120. But the health advantages are significant, and the ability to remove and machine wash the cover is a handy plus. And if you're a design-savvy mom or dad, the mattress comes in a variety of colors: Blossom (a raspberry pink), Cloud (soft grey), Daffodil (pale yellow), Sea Glass (a pale blue), Lawn (a vibrant green), and Poppy (a bright orange).

While it's not a perfect mattress -- there is that PET -- Nook's Pebble infant mattress is pretty close. By combining (mostly) natural materials and natural microbe resistance, it's a big improvement over conventional infant mattresses, and if it lives up to its promise to help your baby sleep better and longer, it's a worthwhile investment. Let's face it: What mom couldn't use a few extra minutes of sleep?

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