Preservation or Parking? Two Takes on Riverview High

riverview high school photo
previously whined about the imminent demolition of Paul Rudolph's Riverview High School in Sarasota, with its "melding of Modern modularity and technology with sensitive siting, daylighting, natural ventilation, and aggressive shading against the relentless sunshine." Two updates:

"If they can see beyond the broken relic and the parking lot, and envision their future to include a beautiful, high-tech, site specific building that supports the local culture, then everyone will win." ::Metropolis

"Riverview High School is a fantastic prototype of what today we call green architecture," said the architect Charles Gwathmey, who is overseeing a renovation of the Art and Architecture Building at Yale. "He was so far ahead of his time, experimenting with sun screens and cross-ventilation. If it's torn down, I feel badly for architecture." ::New York Times
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