Premio Vico Magistretti: A Contest for Living Simplicity in Design


The good people at designboom recently teamed up with Italy's DePadova to organize and present the "Premio Vico Magistretti" design contest (to commemorate Vico Magistretti, the Italian architect and designer). 5402 designers from 98 different counties submitted entries on theme of "Living Simplicity and Furniture Design," and, after the dust settled, some really interesting designs rose to the top.

The winner, as selected by an international jury of architects, designers and engineers, was "Borrod," the table pictured above, submitted by Danish firm Line Depping. The contest was designed to combine simplicity with playfulness, elegance,
freshness, and contemporary spirit in home and office furniture design; though not explicitly green, many of the entries are excellent examples of quality sustainable design, as "simplicity" was interpreted in various shades of green. Hit the jump for another pic and to read about the thought process behind the winning design in the designers own words. ::Premio Vico Magistretti at designboomline-depping-borrod2.jpg

"In everyday life we always try to follow certain norms, have tidy homes for example, but often we feel a hint of bad conscience because we are not perfect as people. So why this quest for the impossible? My table allows our irrational chaotic lives to rule and by that showing that life can be perfect in its imperfection."

There's lots more really interesting designs submitted in the contest; stay tuned for a closer look at a few more.

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