Preloved Housewares for a Stylish Green Abode


Image from Preloved
Preloved has been creating fashionable one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing from second hand and vintage fabrics for years. As in since 1995--they are Canadian eco-royalty when it comes to sustainable design. Starting in Toronto, moving onto Montreal and then Sydney Australia, their clothes for women and now children are stylish and fun.

So what next for an adventuresome and ecologically-concerned designer? Home accessories are a natural, no pun intended. Preloved has created a new line of pillows, quilts, aprons, placemats and stuffed animals. All are made of old curtains, vintage textiles, and bits of clothing, artfully, and affordably, put together.

pillow preloved photo

Image from Preloved

As can be seen from the photos, all kinds of wonderful patterns and colours are combined to make these completely recycled items. The rectangular pillows contain vintage textiles, bits of old sweaters, brocade ends of fabric. The back has strips from dress shirts with the pockets included.

The adorable, adult or child-friendly stuffed animals — including Baboo the floppy rabbit, Ellie the elephant and Quack the duck — are covered with flannelette and cotton shirts instead of fake fur.

As the designer and founder, Julia Grieve, says "Everything we learned from 15 years of making clothing is being translated into home accessories. We're really aware of how much we waste and how much stuff doesn't get wasted. We're focused on getting our waste ratio smaller and smaller. When we started Preloved, we had no idea that we were creating 'green' fashion. It was never a part of my thought process."

apron preloved photo

Image from Preloved

The placemats and the apron were formerly '50's curtains. And the nice thing is that it is all very affordable, even though it is one of a kind. "Offering unique, one-of-a-kind pieces within an affordable range is important to us," Grieve says, adding that the point is to not feel guilty about feathering your nest. : Preloved

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