Prefab on Water, MetroShip Introduces Sustainable Houseboats


photo: MetroShip

Larger boats can have a tremedous impact on the planet, so former prefab construction powerhouse David Ballinger has turned his attention to the water. His new design attempts to combat the conventional wisdom regarding houseboats. MetroShip is a sleek, more sustainable reinterpretation of those clunking houseboats of yesteryear.Prefab construction guru David Ballinger recently launched MetroShip, a more sustainable version of a traditional houseboat. You might be familiar with some of Ballinger’s other projects, which include MetroShed and MetroCabin. He has consistently worked to provide eco-friendly alternatives to traditional prefabricated construction projects. Ballinger came up with the MetroShip idea as a result of a quest to invent more comfortable housing in his home in London. Already accustomed to small spaces, the houseboat was a great fit in a great location -- the local marina. Sleek lines and minimalist decor make MetroShip a stunning interpretation of modern life on the water.


MetroShip’s Green Highlights
Countertops can be made from recycled faux-granite acrylic

Sloan touchless water-conserving faucets

Solar-powered exterior LED lights

High capacity tankless water heater

Fresh water tank

Furniture made using recycled frames and remnant fabric made by sister company, MetroSofa.

Highly utilized natural light---using transulent thermal aluminum walls

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