Pre-loved Fabrics Made Into Psychedelic Furniture: Design By Leftovers

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If your Victorian-style divan started having an intense psychedelic experience, it would probably look something like these stunning pieces by Swedish design duo Linda and Jona Netsman of Design By Leftovers. Adapting the principle of creative re-use in their motto "pre-loved can be re-loved," they recycle luxurious fabric scraps from old garments to re-upholster and re-fashion antique pieces of furniture into a mind-melting feast of colours and textures -- definitely not intended for the faint-of-heart modernist.Design By Leftover's approach comes from their belief that everything has a story to tell:

When Lola's clothes or Grandma's crocheted pot holders are transformed into spectacular armchairs, something wonderful happens. Things take on a new meaning and even another function. The timeless, inspirational qualities of people's stories are affirmed and passed on. New impressions and expressions are created.

That overarching ethic is reflected in pieces like this seductive and classy ensemble created for lingerie designer Katarina Nyman, which is an interpretation of her brand's signature style.

Photo: Katarina Hansson

Taking memory, testament and poetic craft to another level, another collection, dubbed "People," is an homage to all the memorable individuals who influence our lives:

It could be your mother, the carpenter or the gardener. Perhaps an ex-lover or child. We are surrounded by them. All these extraordinary people... They are all beautiful and each one has something special to offer. Put them together and they become even more.

Photo: Katarina Hansson

On the other hand, the "Butterflies" collection is inspired by one man's obsession with these gossamer creatures that are too fragile to touch:

Photo: Katarina Hansson

Then there's the quaint "Grandma" chair, made entirely out of a old lady's crocheted pot holders.

Photo: Katarina Hansson

The Netsmans are not limited to fabrics either, and have paired up with airbrush artist Tomas Andersson to create visually striking pieces like this crazy credenza:

Photo: Katarina Hansson

Ultimately, that's what gives the old and "pre-loved" an edge over the mass-produced: by giving voice and form to experiences and memorable moments, these chairs made from recycled materials are transformed from leftovers into something truly precious and magical. Check out the rest of Design By Leftover's work on their website.

Photo: Katarina Hansson
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