Pre-Engineered Bamboo Homes Enter The US Market

Bamboo Technologies, previously noted on TreeHugger for sponsoring a design competition, has moved their bamboo. And we want one. Favorite design, of those pictured on their website, is the Pavilion (pictured). 'Dad, can my friends and I have a sleepover on the porch, without the air conditioning. Dad... please?' Fabulous idea to put the pavilion on stilts - bamboo bending in storm winds, above the flood flow, people smiling. From the BT site specs: "Interior space is 707 sqft. [Bigger than a FEMA trailer.] An optional cupola or vented skylight adds extra light." "The 9' Extended Porch covering a 6 ft deck area is optional and provides 717 sqft of outside deck area." Insulation options are laid out here. Our second favorite (pictured below the fold) is the "EcoHome," with lower floor designed for integrated straw bale wall construction. Now we just need to grow some structural BOO here in the US and figure out how to termite-proof those uprights.

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