Pratt's Design for a Dollar is Hit of the Show (video)


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The busiest, cleverest and greenest of all the booths was Pratt Institute's Design for a Dollar, where students produced useful and beautiful objects and provided backup to prove that they could be made for less than a dollar. It is a tough challenge, but they came up with many ingenious solutions.

Catherine Merrick explains the exhibit and her own contribution, thrift store plates that have been sandblasted into new forms by removing much, but not all, of the original patterns.

Past and present design choices exist in one object in a way that heightens the qualities of both. Rather than start over with raw material, this plate takes renewed ownership of what already exists.

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David Steinvurzel made votive candles out of orange peels that are:

a re-appropriation of naturally formed material. It is not just a reuse of inevitable garbage, but an alternative to an industrial system dependent on plastic and metal waste.

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My favourite was Jennie Maneri's Crystal Chandelier, made by growing borax crystals on a pipe cleaner frame; I used to love growing crystals as a kid but never made anything useful out of them.

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Sukmo Koo and Young Taek Oh built their lamp, Metamorphosis, out of egg cartons.

By creating negative spaces to allow the connections in between three egg trays, one three dimensional organic formed lamp has been developed. Inspired by Möbius strip, innovative and abstract form of this lamp has achieved its aesthetic beauty as well as consumers' functional fulfilment.

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But Lara Knutson gets the minimalist prize for her bookshelves made from three pieces of string.

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