Powerful Recycled Factory Machinery Furniture By Tim Byrne

tim byrne factory furniture photo
Images: Tim Byrne

Inspired by old factory machinery, comes this collection of upcycled furniture with an industrial twist. Melding sculpture and pragmatism, American designer Tim Byrne refurbishes old steel, cast iron and aluminum spokes, cogs and footings found in factories, re-imagining them anew in his line of robust, height-adjustable desks.

tim byrne factory furniture photo

Using glass and exotic woods (which we hope were sustainably sourced...!), Byrne updates the heavy industrial feel with a subtle sense of texture and extra colour to create a hybrid of art and dependable functionality.

tim byrne factory furniture photo

He says:

I choose American-made industrial machinery to work with, I feel very attracted to it. It represents the very backbone of the American dream of which I am a part.

Crafted by the hands of people from all over the world, coming together to create a strong and powerful nation -- that's what I see in my art.

tim byrne factory furniture photo

There's not only Byrne's custom-made desks, but also this bench above -- perhaps we may be seeing an industrial-inspired couch (à la Fridgecouch) from him soon?

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