Postcarden: Postcard Grows Into Mini-Garden

postgarden city photo

A postcard can brighten up your normal mail, but then it just sits there, commonplace and static. That's why A Studio for Design developed the Postcarden, "created to be more playful, curious and interactive. It encourages you to bond, live and grow the greeting on day by day basis. Over time to card reacts to you and your environment evolving in beauty and charm. "

You simply unfold these little flatpack wonders, sprinkle water, watch it grow, and then have a salad.

Three different artists from different disciplines were commissioned for the first three cards. Sophie Burdess is a London based illustrator; Millie Harvey is a filmmaker; Krista Nyberg is graphic designer.


Unfortunately, they will not ship outside of the European Union, saying in their FAQ that there are regulations against shipping seeds, even as benign as watercress. More at Postcarden

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