Post Office (Remember It?) Releases Stamps Honouring Dead Designers Doing Dead Products

designer stamps photo

Credit US Post Office. Click to enlarge

Just as I said when the Eames stamps came out a few years ago, when I mail my posts to Ben in the linotype department I am so going to use these new stamps honouring America's great designers of the streamline age.

But what is fascinating is what they were actually designing, and how few of the objects are actually in use any more.


Raymond Loewy in the coolest office ever, 1934, image credit Library of Congress

These were all fabulous designers who gave American products a streamlined, modern look. They went much farther than just products; Loewy designed skylab interiors for NASA and Norman Bel Geddes designed the future for General Motors.

norman bel geddes

Norman Bel Geddes Predicts the Future

But how many of the products they designed even exist any more? which of the following, from the stamps, do you actually own? (Multiple choices allowed)

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