Positiveflow Give A Visible and Clear Identity to Energy


Positiveflow is a design and research group, aiming to encourage a more conscious use of energy for more sustainable living. The Milan based group believes that design projects can help give a visible and clear identity to energy, which in turn reduces its use.

Moreover, Positiveflow argue that ‘we live in a society in which we have a passive relation with our needs for energy and demand’. They tackle this attitude by designing new products and services that allow for more participation and ‘promote best practices, with attention to innovation, aesthetics and playability’.An example of their work is the 2007 touring project Casa Hera. It is a customer service strategy designed for Gruppo Hera, an Italian energy, water and gas provider. Constructed from four recycled shipping containers, the interactive exhibition travels through 10 cities, giving visitors the possibility to analyse their energy consumption at home and learn how they can save money by using less.

A different project is the Garden of the Butterfly, to promote bio-diversity and entomology. Positiveflow specially designs the box, containing all the seeds and tools to create an urban insect garden, for Eugea, a group of researchers of entomology at the University of Bologna. The aim of this project is to promoting bio-diversity and sustainable lifestyles in the cities.

The exhibition So Watt, du design dans l’énergie (some design regarding energy) in France currently hosts two of Positiveflow’s projects: In Luce (top image), interesting information about the illumination in architecture and Liberty (bottom image), a provocative concept design idea that consist of giving the Statue of Liberty a giant wind turbine to hold in her raised arm.

For more of those new attitudes in energy habits. projects and upcoming exhibitions, check out ::Positiveflow Thanks tipster Sabine.

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