Posh New Shop In Mexico City Features Clever Sustainable Design

Pirwi Design Store In Mexico City Photo
Photos: Pirwi.com.

Open only a few days ago, Pirwi is a new store in Mexico City that features work by a group of 12 Mexican designers led by Emiliano Godoy (long-time feature at TreeHugger) and Alejandro Castro.

Both creators have been working together in a very interesting approach to sustainable design that's not only about recycling, but about a well-thought analysis of industrial processes and clever pieces of good furniture that you'll love. Take a walk in the store inside.Pirwi Design Store In Mexico City Photo
Pirwi Design Store In Mexico City Photo

As A-Seis puts it, at Pirwi Godoy and Castro have developed a system of production in which workers are safe because pieces are cut by computers and furniture are finished with citrus fruits-based substances instead of toxic ones.

In it, products have low impact, are assembled with manual processes and easily to disassemble, and are prepared to be recycled or biodegradable at the end of their life --which sure will be long since they're sleek and not too inclined to passing trends.

Pirwi Design Store In Mexico City Photo
Pirwi Design Store In Mexico City Photo

The brand also aims for the highest material and energy efficiency, and many of their products are able to travel flat to be put together at home.

It also claims to use efficient supplies and lighting at their offices, and even to plan employees working hours to ease their daily commute.

Pirwi Design Store In Mexico City Photo

"In general, we wish to use Pirwi and the objects we manufacture as tools to question the status quo of industrial manufacturing and devise alternatives that are socially and environmentally preferable. It is also very important for us to communicate the virtues and limitations of our objects, and together with our clients and collaborators keep developing a path that, in the near future, stops having a negative impact, no matter how small, and starts having a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole," they say in their website.

You can see this line of thought first hand in products such as the biodegradable knit chair or the camouflage chair and flex table by Emiliano Godoy.

If you're in Mexico City or traveling, Pirwi is located at Alejandro Dumas 124 Polanco, 11560 DF. More at their website.

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