Portion-Control Plate Reminds Meat Eaters What's Missing

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Images via Yanko Design

Yanko Design points us to this plate concept by designer Dave Wu, which is somewhat like a training wheels plate for meat eaters going vegetarian. The plate has a pop-up of the portion that would normally be set aside for meat, so that only the vegetarian side dishes have space. It's a humorous way to remind meat eaters about what they're hopefully happily leaving behind, at least on the weekdays. However, TreeHugger Lloyd has a slightly more intuitive idea with which to modify this design... Rather than having a space carved out so an eater is reminded of what's not on the plate, like this:

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...Lloyd suggested having a space set aside that would be the appropriate portion of meat so that those of us who enjoy our chicken, fish, or beef remember what's a healthy amount. Our weekday vegetarian recipe writer, Kelly, notes that a portion of meat should never be larger than a deck of cards, so a section of the plate could be shaped at that size so that when serving up meat, your eyes aren't bigger than your stomach.

I love this idea -- it's a great way to train yourself to know and recognize appropriate portion sizes, cut down how much meat you consume, and enjoy a well-balanced meal that is both healthier for you and the environment.

A diner could use Wu's plates during the week, and Lloyd's plates during the weekends, and have a great collection of helpful portion-control plates!

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