Porch House by Archteam

We do go on about how less is more, keep it simple, keep it minimal. Most of the modern designs we show have flat roofs, which are not simple. Sloping roofs are generally cheaper and last longer, and offer additional space within the rafters, but are not usually part of the modern kit of parts. (with perhaps the exception of Hugh Newell Jacobson).

Justin found this simple, classic Porch House (Rodinný dům na louce) in Semily, Czech Republic, by Archteam.


It really doesn't get any more minimal or simpler than this on the exterior: a box with a gable and and a steep sloping roof, all clad in galvanized metal that might be found on any industrial farm building.


Inside is pretty simple too, with a strong and elegant structural system.


I love the way they put lights under the house, like some kid tuning his honda.



::Archteam via ::Materialicious

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