Pop-Up Prefab Plopped on Paris Roof

paris popup restaurant prefab night photo

images Maxime Schaal via Pascal Grasso

Architect Pascal Grasso has dropped a restaurant onto the roof of Le Palais de Tokyo in Paris. It is called the Module Electrolux and it is certainly a room with a view.

paris popup restaurant prefab long view photo

The architect describes it in Dezeen:

The art center « Le Palais de Tokyo » asked us to imagine a temporay piece on the roof of the building. We designed a take-down and easily transportable module, which is a twelve seats dining room, with a panoramic view on Paris. Nomiya is the name of the very small restaurant in Japan.

paris popup restaurant prefab interior photo

The structure is 18m long, 4m large, 3.50 m high and weights 22 tonnes. It has been constructed in the Cherbourg boatyard, in the North of France, and transported in two pieces by special trunks to Paris, and then set on the roof of the Museum.

paris popup restaurant prefab dining photo

This construction is composed by a glass volume, covered by a metallic skin on its central part.

paris popup restaurant prefab overall photo

I am certain that this is not the first restaurant we have shown on a rooftop in Paris, but I cannot find the older one. Lots more spectacular photos at Pascal Grasso

Eagle-eyed commenter Keonda found my post on the Hotel Everland:

Rm w/a Vu, Paris, $ 616/nuit

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