Pop-Up Art Gallery is an Architectural Treat

gallery two photo

Photo: B. Alter

Who could resist this delightful little architectural folly. Spotted on the grounds of the Chelsea College of Art & Design in London, it's a 24-hour mini-gallery with 4 display windows, with a piece of art in each.

bench det photo

Photo: B. Alter

The pavilion was created by Quay2c Architects. It is made out of almost entirely recycled materials. The external boards are made out of Ecosheet, a 100% plastic recycled equivalent to plywood. The architects worked with students from a design course at the college.

gal window photo

Photo: B. Alter

There will be a series of changing exhibitions over the summer. Since it is located opposite the Tate Britain art museum, it's a great chance for some young artists to get a wider audience. The pavilion will then be relocated to a place as yet undetermined.

mc gallery photo

Photo: B. Alter

This is the second location of the m2 Gallery. Its first one is also a window measuring one metre square by half a metre deep, located in deepest Peckham in the south east part of London. Facing onto the street it too can be viewed 24 hours a day by anyone who wants to have a look.

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