Ponoko's Photomake: If You Can Draw It, They Can Make It

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Ponoko has always been about devising creative ways to make things you want. With their platform based on downloadable design and mass customization, you can get exactly what you need -- the best color, the right size -- and it doesn't have to come off the slow boat from China. All you needed was a design and a computer.

But with Photomake, their newest feature that just launched yesterday, you don't even need a design any more; you just need a picture. If you can draw it, or take a photo of it, they can create it for you. And, Ponoko has a special deal, just for TreeHugger readers, but you have to hurry: it only applies to the first 100 who respond. Read on for details.

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How Photomake works
The Photomake feature allows users to turn a digital photograph or scanned line drawing into a real life object. Rather than using graphics software, the process allows anyone with a camera (or scanner), an idea, and a little creativity to create objects that are perfectly suited to their taste and needs.

All you need to get started with Photomake is a felt tip pen and piece of paper. Just draw what you want to make, take a photograph of it, upload this digital photo to the Ponoko website (no login required), get an instant online price to turn your drawing into the real thing, then click to make. Your product will be delivered to your door in days. Fans of photo and graphics editing software like Photoshop and GIMP can also use these programs to create images of their designs.

Special offer for TreeHugger readers
The first 100 TreeHugger readers to make something using Photomake will go into the draw to get their product made and delivered for free. To qualify, just need to enter "Treehugger" in the Special Delivery Instructions text box on their way through the checkout.

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Ponoko's progression
Ponoko launched Designmake for designers to make things on demand -- over 10,000 have signed up. Earlier this year, they also launched Ponoko ID for shoppers to request goods to be made just for them by these designers. Now with Photomake they're inviting creative people who don't know how to use design software to participate simply by sketching what they want on a piece of paper and uploading a photo of it to get it made.

Get started at Photomake, right on the Ponoko website.

(Full disclosure: head TreeHugger Graham Hill is on Ponoko's Board of Advisors).

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