PolyWheyâ„¢ Floor and Furniture Coatings From Vermont


Got a dairy that makes cheese? If you do, you've also got whey which you likely pay to manage as a waste - unless you are a whey supplier of Vermont Natural Coatings, that is.

Vermont Natural has developed two whey-based coatings: one for wooden furniture; and, the other for floors. The results look good on their web site. Odor is reported to be less than for comparable synthetic coatings, such as urethane or epoxy; and, remarkably, odor is described as less than even other water based-coatings.At first glance, the price, in excess of US$60/gallon, seemed high. Then we saw these two specs, which explain the value:

Conventional water-based finishes have an average coating coverage of 300 to 400sq.ft./gallon PolyWhey’s cover is 450 to 500sq.ft./gallon

PolyWhey has a cured hardness twice that of other water-based finishes which means it is hard wearing even on floors that have heavy traffic.

We have no idea how good these whey-based coatings perform for chemical resistance and UV stability. However, the Vermont Natural Coatings website explains that "Some conventional oil and water-based finishes contain toxic heavy metals and formaldehyde. PolyWhey’s™ binder is non-toxic whey protein."

Per the product MSDS listed by Vermont Natural, two of the curing components of these coatings pose a potential health hazard while in liquid form (before curing). So, as with any paint, or stain, you want to minimize skin contact and inhalation of aerosols.

Image credit::Vermont Natural Coatings website.

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