'Pocket Library': Book Storage for Small Places, by Ariel Jacubovich

Library storage small spaces Ariel Jacubovich Photo

Photos: Not made in China.

From our great archive of ideas that show less is more you get it: we love small spaces. Especially important in times of economic stress, they make us think about what we really need, give maximum usage to what we have, and they take a lot less energy to keep running. And of course, we love clever furniture that helps us live better in those places.

We've showed you the Kenchikukagu apartment from a box, the Cube 6 dining room furniture and the amazing BEDUP.

Now from Argentina comes a simpler but still beautiful idea, this book and CD storage device that folds into a 21 inches (55 centimeters) cube. Watch it roll in the extended.The idea of putting books in a box is usually annoying: they get filled with dust, if you're searching for a specific title you have to turn the box upside down to find it, and the boxes usually end up in a high shelve that you never look at.

The Pocket-Library, however, has a very simple organization with straps that keeps the books organized, it unfolds into vertical panes where you can easily scan for a book, and has small castors that make it easy to move around. The fact that it folds into a cube obviously make it suitable for a small coffee table or bench to keep magazines.

Designed by Argentinean architect Ariel Jacubovich, it's produced in MDF and sold through the organization Not Made in China for $900 pesos (300 USD). Probably a bit pricey, but the concept is very interesting and deserves a look at least.

At Not Made in China you can also find some work by A77 architects, whose Plug and Live System was featured last week at TreeHugger.

Here's the full unfolding of the library:

Library storage small spaces Ariel Jacubovich Photo

Library storage small spaces Ariel Jacubovich Photo

Library storage small spaces Ariel Jacubovich Photo

Library storage small spaces Ariel Jacubovich Photo

Via: Not Made in China.

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