"Plus-Energy House with Electromobility" Dream Home To Be Built In Berlin

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You can't always get what you want, but but dream homes always show a lot more than you need. From the beloved Monsanto House of the Future to Michelle Kaufmann's Smart Home in Chicago, they always have more gizmos, more space and even more parking than most people can ever dream of owning. The Plus Energy House is no different; it is the first prize winner in a competition to build a dream home for Germany's Federal Ministry of Transport, Building, and Urban Development.

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The house is designed by Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design (ILEK), led by Werner Sobek who succeeded the great Frei Otto, a master of lightweight structures.

The proposed design demonstrates the potential of actively coupling energy flows between the emerging fleet of electric vehicles and our built environment. This concept is architecturally embodied through a striking glass showcase in which all of the core technical systems are laid out prominently to form a full-scale living display.

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According to the press release, (pdf download here) the house somehow generates enough power to not only supply the house, but also the electric cars parked in front:

The focus of innovation in the development of the concept was on the coupling of energy flows and energy storage between living environment and electromobility, and this coupling is embodied in the design through the conscientious architectural layering in plan of the plus- energy house, the energy core, and the showcase. The layout of the interior spaces and the distribution of opaque and glazed cladding surfaces are optimized for minimal energy loss, maximum natural daylighting, and selective solar gain. This energy optimization combined with extensive building integration of photovoltaic and solar thermal systems allow the house to produce a net annual surplus of energy, more than is needed to supply the house and its electric vehicles. This net surplus is fed into the public electricity grid, and contributes to the renewable component of the total energy mix.

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They conclude:

Centred on its glistening energy core, flanked both in function and in concept by the next generation of mobility and living, the plus-energy house presents a bold new vision of the future.

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