Plug and Live System: 18 Boxes from Brazil to Argentina, from Waste to Art

Spaces Created with the Plug and Live System

The first prototype that was created with the Plug and Live System was the so-called Plug in Festival!, a set of three modules to set up a cultural center inside a port container. The space was created for a Design Festival in Buenos Aires.

Interior of the Plug in Festival.

The second prototype of transitory habitat A77 architects created was an institution related to communication, inside the Palacio de Correos (Mail Palace) in Buenos Aires.

This space was open during Estudio Abierto (Open Studio), an annual cultural event in Buenos Aires in which artists open themselves to speak with public about their work.

The communication institution.

Similarly, the third unit assembled with the Plug and Live System was a movable non profit organization. This prototype was first shown at the Moradias Transitorias exhibition at the National Museum Honestino Guimarães in Brasilia, Brazil's capital city. The same exhibition that is now arriving to Sao Paulo.

Third prototype built with the Plug and Live System.
The exhibition in Sao Paulo and Plug and Live System's future
Moradias Transitorias in Sao Paulo is the second time the Plug and Live System is exhibited as a work of art in Brazil.

The show explores forms of transitory habitats, and is on until November 9 at Sao Paulo's SESCSP Vila Mariana (Rua Pelotas 141, Vila Mariana). Apart from A77's work, it features designers and architects Ana Miguel (Brazil), Domenec (Spain), Emiliano Godoy (Mexico), Jum Nakao + Pop Carvalho (Brazil), Lucy + Jorge Orta (Argentineans living in Europe) and Ralph Gehre (Brazil).

"The irony of all this is that those boxes came out from Brazil as something without value, and now they're coming back to that country turned into art. They went from low to upper class," the architects say.

Where is the project going now, apart from museums and design exhibitions? Dieguez and Gilardi are talking with companies to receive their waste materials and work them with social and cultural organizations in need. If you're interested in finding out more, visit their blog or write them an e-mail at estudioa77 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Plug and Live System
Moradias Transitorias at SESC Sao Paulo
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