Play with Your Home Lighting Fixtures, with Molo's Softlight



TreeHugger has been a fan of Vancouver, B.C.-based Molo for some time now. We love the way their ingenious, honeycomb-inspired paper designs, like the softwall and softseating, creates structure you can sit on and full, modern forms from just paper

They've outdone themselves with softlight--we heard rumors about itlast year--which is one of the most interesting, changeable home lighting design ideas we've seen; there are seemingly infinite variations and shapes it can take as it morphs from tall to short, skinny to fat, large to small, and back again. You really have to see it to believe it; hit the jump to see how it works in our video from the floor of ICFF. ::Molo and ::ICFF 2008

How's your mind? Blown?

In addition to the softlights, Molo also designed the ethereal cloud-like lights floating above the booth, specifically for ICFF this year. What'll they dream up next year? Stay tuned.



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