play rethink and Make the Stuff that Surround You Eco-Friendlier


If you’re not into sharing ideas but more the copyright kind of person, this game is not for you. It is however for creative people that like to discuss their ideas. Rethink Games Ltd., run by Lili Larratea and Caroline Barnett in London, are launching their first eco game this month: play rethink.

The aim of the game is to make people think, or rethink, how to make the objects that surrounds us and services eco-friendlier. Players are thought sustainable design by having to come up with ways to change the way we make things in order to lessen the environmental impact of our lifestyles. Communication and idea sharing are key factors of the game. The idea sharing even goes as far as publishing ideas and drawings that result from a session of ‘play rethink’ online. This way the benefits of the game become clear: contribute innovative solutions, generate new ideas, use initiative, have fun while learning about green issues, out of the box thinking, become aware of the way things are,…So how does it work? ‘The board game consists of a spinning wheel and drawing cards. Players spin the wheel to decide randomly which colour card they should pick up. On the drawing card there will be a task to complete. Players are asked to come up with ideas and either draw them, write them down or both. They are also encouraged to discuss ideas between them.’

If you’d like to try out a game of ‘play rehtink’, join Lili and Caroline’s session tomorrow (Wednesday 28th November 2007) in London, with guest speaker Alastair Fuad-Luke and free drinks. For more information click here and to book your place, here. ::Rethink Games

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