Plastic Bag Gallery


Treehugger has had so many posts on plastic bags, it would seem that there is nothing more to say about the subject. So maybe it is time to switch to pictures, worth a thousand words, of course. The Photographers' Gallery has asked people to send in photos of plastic bags to the Gallery, to show the extent of the problem across London and beyond. " Reminding us of our ability to consume and dispose, this project provides the public with their own platform for visual expression." And the pictures show it all. The bags are of every size, shape and colour and they are everywhere: on stairways, in the sky, in trees, on buses, doorways, at night, in storms and in water.


This one looks like a tropical paradise being destroyed by the dreaded flying bag. Whilst this picture (below) combines architectural (Trafalgar Square) and artistic (Alison Lapper Pregnant) glories.


:: Photographers' Gallery Via :: Inhabitat

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