Plantbombing: Colorful Yarn-Wrapped Plants Soften Up The City

Photos: Derek Powazek
Yarnbombing -- or the cozying up of the urban landscape with random acts of gorgeous knitting -- has already been seen popping up in a number of cities. Now San Francisco-based urban knitter and guerilla gardeners Heather Powazek Champ and Derek Powazek have publicly come out with yarn bombing's next evolution: planting low-maintenance species in beautifully hand-knitted yarn pockets all over their fair city. Back in February, our own Jaymi spotted a knitted hanging garden of sorts in SF, and we wonder if it's the same guerilla duo doing these crafty deeds.

Inspired after this year's International Yarn Bombing Day, the husband and wife pair call their project "Plantbombing," and it combines Heather's love of "urban knitting" and Derek's skill at gardening. Using yarn, a bit of soil, and some hardy plants, the result is a hands-off, smile-inducing work of art. Derek gives some advice on his website Plantgasm on selecting suitable species:

Plant-wise, the trick is to plant them with things that are hardy enough to thrive in neglect. So in these photos you can see an Echeveria and an Aeonium - two plants that do quite well unattended in our climate.

The acrylic thread should pick up water from rain and fog, but there's so little soil in them, I'm not worried about rot. And these particular plants are happy to grow in shallow containers, and fine to go for long periods of drought.


Whether you knit or not, these little yarn-wrapped plant beauties are guaranteed to lighten up any drab cityscape. For those of you who want to try making your own plant pockets, Heather's site provides the instructions to get started.

Hat tip to Laughing Squid.

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