Plantable: All-In-One Table & Trellis Hybrid Lets You Grow, Harvest and Eat

plantable jailmake Zahra Shahabi and Ollie Hammick/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Beyond the conventional planter on your balcony, there are many ways to grow food and herbs right in your own home, without the need to rely on a trip to the store. London-based designers Jamie Elliott and Liam Healy of JAILmake created this table that's a mix of eating surface and mini-garden, where the legs are re-fashioned as planters and trellises to support climbing plants.

Jaime and Liam describe the motivation behind this simple but intriguing design they call "Plantable", which is handmade to order in their South East London workshop using English oak and metal:

The Plantable reintroduces nature back into the experience of gathering, cooking and eating a meal. It takes a currently domesticated object and enables nature to claim it back.

The space provided for plants to grow in the four legs reflects on the distance we place between ourselves and the processes involved in making our food.

So far, they've tried and tested climbers, tomatoes, herbs and sweet peas. Like windowfarms, hydroponic IKEA bookcases and hanging lamps that double as mini-greenhouses, all these ideas are a great way to add a nice touch of green to anyone's diet, even in small spaces.

You can see more of JAILmake's hand-crafted work on their website.

Plantable: All-In-One Table & Trellis Hybrid Lets You Grow, Harvest and Eat
A design that lets you grow and harvest your dinner, right at the table

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