Pioneer Millworks: Wind Powered, Reclaimed Lumber Yard

"An environmentally responsible choice, our timbers also provide a sense of continuity and a historical link. The past is revealed in the timber's patina, grain and signs of previous use." And pioneer millworks also reckon that timber frame builders appreciate their reclaimed lumber for its low moisture content and dimensional stability. This would seem to be credible claim, because their sister company New Energy Works (NEW), as 'coincidence' would have it, is a timber framing business. Pioneer supply a wide variety of salvaged timber, which is often used for flooring. Tipster Mike B. seemed particularly taken with their Australian Jarrah, which looks like rainforest-grown mahogany. However, in this case, the Jarrah was rescued from old woollen mills and used in a bathroom cabinet. To be greener yet, both Pioneer and NEW buy all their electricity from wind generated sources. ::Pioneer Millworks