Pilot's BeGreen Line of Recycled Pens

Before the BIC, there was no such thing as the disposable pen, one used a ballpoint with a refill or a fountain pen that you filled with ink, and you never threw your pen away.

However we have all been spoiled and expect to write with cheap disposables, so Pilot has introduced a new line of "same quality, same price" pens made from at least 65% recycled materials, using reprocessed water, and with a recovery program in stores so the dead pens can be returned and reprocessed. Ballpoint pens are refillable.

Still, the pens are collected, shredded, melted into pellets, and reformed into new pens. That is a lot of energy expended on an item that could be designed to be refilled by the owner or the manufacturer. Is this too much to ask? ::BegreeN available in Canada and the UK, we do not know about the USA.

I have been partial to Pilot fineliners for years and have gone through hundreds. Yet a box of leads for my Staedtler mechanical drafting pencils might last five years. I am off to Staples to see what the alternatives are.

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