Piloto: A System For Manufacturing With Wood Offcuts

Piloto Installation at the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City, Photo

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Mexican designer Emiliano Godoy, a regular here at TreeHugger, is back with another project, this time with colleagues Jimena Acosta, Andrés Altesor, Antonio Gurrola and Rodolfo Samperio.

The group has presented Piloto: a system to manufacture surfaces with wood offcuts from the furniture industry. Pictures and explanation inside.The wall (spotted at TuVerde) was presented for the exhibition Asteroide B-612, Environmental Balances and Regenerative Design, at the Modern Art Museum in Mexico City.

Back of the Installation with the Irregular Offcuts Visible, Photo

The opposite side of the installation, showing the irregular offcuts.

A brochure of the exhibition explains:

"The project focuses on the design of systems for manufacturing surfaces using offcuts from the furniture industry, which tend to have widely differing formats, sizes and other characteristics. The strategy is to create small modules from irregular pieces of board, and then to join the modules together in different configurations to create surfaces, furniture, walls or even whole rooms. The wall that is presented in the exhibition shows how uniformity can be achieved on one side, while the reverse side was left as a series of uneven edges that reference the origin of the material."

The System's Pieces, Cut from a Piece of Wood, Photo

The system's modules are cut from a piece of wood.

Even if the idea is not groundbreaking, it's an interesting application of it, and the contrast of the two sides of the installation serves the purpose of opening people's eyes about how different materials can work with design.

A Surface Constructed with the System's Parts, Photo

A surface constructed from the modules bonded together.

Not exactly the same, but somehow similar is the approach of Nativas del Sur, an initiative from Argentina that produces furniture with a system to use wood efficiently and create minimum waste.

Going back to Piloto, according to the exhibition brochure, it is an ongoing project, so we will probably see more of it in little time.

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