A Picture is Worth: The divide between the plastics industry and green building

Plastics News
© Rich Williams/ Plastics News

The editorial cartoon says it all; the plastics industry is " increasingly concerned about the lack of scientific backing behind LEED standard development." They don't like the fact that LEED is promoting transparency either; Melissa Hockstad of the Society of the Plastics Industry explains in Plastics News.

This poses a problem for molders and processors that closely guard their product formulations, Hockstad said. "There's a reason the recipe for making something plastic is taken seriously," she said. "USGBC doesn't want to hear about trade secrets or how plastic is made, they just want disclosure."

So even though there are mountains of studies saying PVC is possibly dangerous through every step of its manufacture, its use, in case of fire, the plastics industry says that it's all fine, and that we don't need or even have a right to know what's in the products we buy.

More at Plastics News.. See also this more positive editorial by Don Loepp of Plastics News:

Keep in mind, no one on either side of the argument is opposed to human health and safety, or sustainability. So how can an industry argue with critics who say they care more about human health? Can "green" construction and plastics still come together? We're confident that they will.

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