Photographers' Wedding Invites Made From Repurposed Film Canisters

ambient studios wedding invitation film canister photo
Images copyright Ambient Studios, used with permission

Trevor and Larissa are partners in a photography studio and partners in life, so for their wedding invitations they kept to a photography theme and packed them into repurposed 35mm film canisters. Pulling on the film tab reveals the details. It took an assembly line of 5 to produce the forty invitations.ambient studios wedding invitation film canister photo

Larissa tells TreeHugger:

These specific invitations weren't actually made from recycled canisters, they are actually re-useable canisters which are specifically made for photographers who shoot with film and load their own 35mm bulk film. They can be re-used as actual functioning film reels both before and after putting their new life as a wedding invite.

For those thinking about putting them together themselves, I'm certain that you could find used canisters to utilize either online or through your local professional camera shop. This would be a genius idea and I'm sure free of charge!

ambient studios wedding invitation film canister photo

I was pleased to note that they are actually having the wedding in a repurposed historic building, a former steam locomotive repair facility turned into a brewery.
ambient studios wedding invitation film canister photo
Trevor and Larissa, image by Davina+Daniel

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